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What is a PEA-GENIUS?

A GENIUS is an exceptionally intelligent person or one with an exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.  

A PEA-Genius is a person with an exceptional skill of

People     Emotions     Attitude

Every aspect of life depends upon your ability to be a PEOPLE, EMOTIONS and ATTITUDE-GENIUS.


Definition of a PEOPLE-GENIUS:

  • To know what I THINK, FEEL and DO.  
  • To be able to change what I THINK, FEEL and DO.
  • To make room for others that THINK, FEEL and DO differently.

Every Face-to-face encounters depend on your ability to be a PEOPLE-GENIUS.  

Before becoming a PEOPLE-GENIUS, you need to take a step back ... and face the face in the mirror - ME (in this case, you).

Once you've discovered what and how you THINK, FEEL and DO, taking the next steps towards GENIUS becomes easier.


Definition of an EMOTION-GENIUS:

  • IDENTIFICATION of emotions - the ability to self-awareness, read others and show empathy.
  • UNDERSTAND emotions - an ability to self-assess self, assess others, be culturally competent and know social norms for interaction. 
  • COMMUNICATION of emotions - the ability to express feelings and express with feeling in a productive manner.
  • CONTROL of emotions - the ability to control negative emotions and impulses, be disciplined, have resilience and endurance.

Decades of research attribute success to HIGH EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  It is time for you to become a PEA-GENIUS.


Definition of an ATTITUDE-GENIUS:

  • Avoid negative thinking an complaining
  • Seek positive people, attitudes and activities
  • Understands and practice SELF-NURTURING, and SELF-REGULATION in order to SELF-PRESERVE
  • INTERNAL-LOCUS OF CONTROL for self-management, motivation, rewarding, improvement and control

Life has a tendency to happen to us all.  It is not what happens that determines the outcome, but rather the response to it.  The way you choose to think and feel about people and situations is what determines success or failure.  It has been said that a bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't go anywhere until you change it.  A change in attitude can take you places, because it has the power to change you, but also those around you.

If you don't like where you are; it might be an indication of your need for an attitude change.  Remember, you need to start with the face in the mirror.